手紡ぎ木綿 自然染色 手織り布


ラオスには棉や藍を食用作物と共に、洪水によって肥沃になった川辺で育てたり、 山の斜面や日陰などではその場所に適した品種を選び、自然農法により栽培しています。 染色材料が豊富に採れる林が点在しており、葉や樹皮で糸を染めて、多くの鮮明で堅牢な 色を得ることが出来ます。自家用の衣類や寝具の布を織り続けている女性達が慣れ親しんだ 手技に、新しい感覚を織り込んだ普遍的な布を目指しています。



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Hand-spun cotton Natural dye Hand woven textile

In rural Laos, cotton and indigo are grown with other food crops in environmentally friendly farming. Depending on the village location, traditional farming is practiced on fertile riverbanks or on the slopes of mountains. Near the villages, forests and woods scatter, where dyeing materials can be harvested. Many distinct and strong colors can be obtained by dyeing yarn with leaves and barks from the forest.
We hope to produce textiles that are universal, by working with women who have been weaving clothes and beddings for the family. We try to interweave the new feelings to the traditional textile producing skills these women are familiar with.